First Day of Classes

    Welcome to Trinity Christian Academy

    I am pleased to introduce to you the Values, Distinctions, and Opportunity Trinity offers to each student. We value all of our students and their parents who seek to provide the very best for their children.

    The formative and adolescent years are incredibly significant as each student strives to become the person whom God will use.  An education at Trinity is geared towards building that solid foundation for a successful, Christ-honoring future.

    For over 40 years, we have been educating students both scholastically and spiritually. Our dedication to graduating students with integrity, discipline, and an ability to think clearly and Biblically is proven through our commitment to teaching and requiring students to live honorably, exceeding the world's standards.

    Trinity Christian Academy offers an outstanding, dual accredited education through highly qualified teachers and innovative staff, while also providing opportunities beyond the classroom.  From an early age, we encourage and allow students to develop talent and skill in many areas including student leadership, music, and athletics.

    Opportunities abound to help students mature academically, spiritually, physically, and socially. In the pages ahead, you will learn more about these opportunities. My prayer is for you to see our commitment to education and to feel our heart for student success.

    Dr. Clay Lindstam