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    International Student Program

    Our mission is to provide academically motivated students with opportunities for leadership and service through the integration of faith and learning in an academically challenging environment.  We strive to develop spiritually mature students who are respectful of world cultures and will uphold the values, distinction, and opportunity which characterize Trinity Christian Academy.  Thank you for considering Trinity Christian Academy for your international education and we hope to see you soon.

    For more information regarding Admissions please contact Miss Cynthia S. Lane, MEd, Director of International Student Services at  or 904-596-2447.  You can also visit our admissions page to download forms and resources.  The International Student Handbook is currently available in Korean and will soon be available in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

    TCA Homestay Program

    One of the unique features of Trinity Christian Academy is the Homestay program.  Instead of an impersonal dorm setting, we believe international students living with English-speaking families consistently provides a much better learning environment and provides more focused social and emotional support. Students become more familiar with both the language and the culture through their interaction with a homestay family. Host families are chosen after background checks, reference checks, and personal interviews are completed. Ongoing support is provided to homestay families and their students throughout the year. 

    Please contact the Homestay Coordinator, Minako "Minie" Baltz, at or (904) 596-2517 for any Homestay Information.  Our TCA Homestay Program Student Handbook is currently available in Korean and will soon be available in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese. 


    How many spaces are available for the 2014-2015 school year?


    We have 40 - 50 spaces available; not to exceed 30 in the Jr. High or 35 in the Sr. High respectively.  These spaces are first come, first served and based availability.


    What are the grades offered by the school?


    7th – 12th grade.  However, due to state graduation requirements we do not accept students as a senior (12th); the highest acceptance level is a junior (11th).


    What is the language requirement? 

    Grade Level

    Score Range

    Score Range

    TOEFL Jr. 
    Score Range

    Grades 7 - 8




    Grades 9 - 10




    Grade 11




    Students who do not meet the minimum requirements for their grade level based on scores and/or transcripts may need to enter school at the grade level indicated by their test score and/or enter remedial classes designed for International English support.


    What is the age limit to enroll?


    Grade Level

    Maximum Age

    Minimum Age


    14 years old

    12 years old


    15 years old

    13 years old


    16 years old

    14 years old


    17 years old

    15 years old


    18 years old

    16 years old


    19 years old

    17 years old



    What is the average SAT and ACT score for the school?


    SAT Critical Reading – 487   SAT Mathematics – 478 
    ACT Composite average - 22

    Where do your graduates go to college?


    Some of the TOP 100 Universities and colleges in America that have accepted our international students include: Pennsylvania State University, University of California-San Diego, University of Illinois at Urbana, University of Florida, University of Washington-Seattle, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Indiana University-Bloomington, Florida State University, Binghamton University New York, and Mount Holyoke College.  Some students return to their home countries to further their education.


    How many international students are currently enrolled in your school?


    We have 25 students (8 Korean, 10 Chinese, 5 Vietnamese, 1 Haitian, 1 Japanese)


    What credentials and certifications are held by the teachers?


    Our teachers are all certified through FACCS (Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools).  Several teachers hold dual certifications with FACCS and the state of Florida Department of Education.  Many of our teachers have Masters degrees and we are constantly encouraging our teachers toward this direction. 


    Each year teachers participate in numerous professional development seminars and attend the FACCS convention which offers more than 12 hours of training sessions.  Our teachers and administration also participate in professional development programs across the country specific to their area of expertise. 


    Teachers ages and years of experience vary but all teachers are carefully selected and purposefully trained to provide an excellent educational experience.


    How many total students in the campus?


    1,464 students from PreK-12th grade with 302 in junior high and 350 in high school.


    How many AP and honor classes does the school have?


    The earlier a student enrolls in our school the more options they have for Honors classes.  Because many of these classes have academic prerequisites, students typically do not start their first year in Honors classes.  However, after the first semester, students who show academic excellence are evaluated and may have the opportunity to transfer into Honors classes.


    Please review the 2013-2014 school profile for a complete listing of Honors classes and basic academic information.  TCA offers dual enrollment instead of AP (Advanced Placement).  Dual enrollment courses provide eligible high school juniors and seniors with the opportunity to earn high school and college credits at the same time.  Dual enrollment opportunities are available through Florida State College at Jacksonville and Trinity Baptist College.

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    Do you have an ESL program?


    No. Our program is designed for English immersion in the standard classroom. 


    When new students arrive they are given a TOEFL iTP, a mathematics ability test, and a reading ability test.  Based on these scores and previous school transcripts they are placed in the appropriate remedial English classes or standard classes. 


    Students begin their first year with a mix of standard and remedial English classes which are reflective of their scores and their educational needs as a new international student.  By the second year students are taking most or all standard classes.  Students who attend our school are in all standard classes by their 2nd year based on their academic progress. 


    Our goal is to help students learn the English necessary to succeed in standard classes while protecting their GPA.  A students GPA and SAT scores are crucial to college acceptance and our remedial English program is designed to help them achieve college acceptance either in the USA or their home country.


    Is there a school lunch program?


    Students are eligible to participate in a lunch program which provides a set amount of money each week that they can use on campus (through the use of a non-refundable lunch card) to purchase lunch and/or breakfast items.


    What extracurricular activities are offered at the school?


    Science Club

    Art Club

    Drama/Theatre Club

    Computer Club

    Bible Club

                Symphonic Band

                Marching Band


    Private Music & Art Lessons

    Club Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Soccer (Non-School affiliated, Off-season sports which are available to everyone)

    Soccer, Tennis, Football, Golf, Track, Basketball, Cheerleading (School affiliated, In-season sports which are available only for private homestay students)

    Air Rifle Team


    *Each club/activity occurs at different times through the year and is based on participation


    Can I play sports?


    Eligibility and participation are not guaranteed to international students.  In many states, such as Florida, your homestay placement guidelines may dictate your ability to play school sports.  These rules are intended to prevent schools from recruiting students solely for athletic reasons.


    Many school sports require “try outs” for a position on the school sports team.  Even if you are legally allowed to participate, you still may be “cut” from the team, which means you are not chosen to play on the team after the “try out” period is completed.  Club sports are typically all inclusive and much more enjoyable for our international students. 


    Sports participation is a privilege.  Students who are “cut” or are ineligible based on state guidelines should keep this in perspective; sports are only a small portion of school life in America.  Students will need to check with their host family to find out if school sports or club sports are an option.  Any sport comes with additional uniform and sport fees which are the responsibility of the student and natural parents.


    How do I register?


    Under the admission tab of our website,, you will find a section labeled International students.  There you will find all of our admissions information including an admissions application.  You can also contact the TCA Director of International Student Services, Miss Cynthia Lane, directly to receive admissions help at 904-596-2447 or


    Once you complete the admissions paperwork according to the instructions, Miss Lane will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your admissions packet to discuss your enrollment options.


    Contact Information


    For questions and information please contact the TCA Director of International Student Services Miss Cynthia Lane at 904-596-2447 or


    You can also visit our website for updated program and admissions information.



     Trinity Christian Academy is accredited with:
    1. The Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS)
    2. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS-CASI) 
    3. The International Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (IACCS)