First Day of Classes

    Phonics Charts with Special Sounds

    Phonics Chart 6

    ck in duck                    

    e in me                        

    o in go                         

    y in fly                           

    ay in pray                    

    st in stop                    

    pl in plane                  

    fr in frog                      

    tr in train

    sh in ship

    th in thick

    th in this

    bl in block

    cl in clock

    fl in flake

    gl in glue

    Phonics Chart 7

    br in bride

    dr in drum

    pr in pray

    gr in grin

    sm in smoke

    sc in scat

    sk in skate

    sp in spade

    cr in crab

    tw in twins

    spl in splash

    spr in sprain

    scr in scream

    squ in squeak

    sn in snack

    sl in sleep

    str in stream

    sw in swim

    Phonics Chart 8

    thr in three

    ar in stars

    ch in church

    or in morning

    ou in out

    ow in owl

    ow in bowl

    er in verse

    ur in nurse

    ir in bird

    oi in coin

    oy in boy

    oo in book

    oo in tooth

    wor in worms

    igh in night

    all in ball

    alk in walk

    Phonics Chart 9

    -ing in pointing

    kn in knot

    gn in gnat

    ang in bang

    ing in king

    ong in long

    ung in strung

    ank in bank

    ink in wink

    onk in honk

    unk in trunk

    wa in wash

    a in adopt

    y in baby

    le in little

    -ed in wanted

    -ed in looked

    -ed in played

    Phonics Chart 10

    wh in whale

    wh in who

    tch in patch

    ear in ear

    ear in bear

    ear in earth

    old in gold

    mb in lamb

    ew in flew

    ew in few

    -y in rainy

    -er in bigger

    -est in biggest

    -ly in slowly

    -en in sharpen

    -es in peaches

    ild in child

    ind in kind

    Phonics Chart 11

    o in shovel

    a in banana

    c in city

    au in faucet

    aw in saw

    ea in leaf

    ea in thread

    ea in steak

    ie in brownie

    ey in key

    ey in obey

    ph in phone

    ch in chorus

    ought in thought

    aught in caught

    g in giant

    dge in fudge

    Phonics Chart 12

    a- in asleep

    al- in also

    be- in because

    en- in enjoy

    un- in unbutton

    wr in wrinkle

    ould in could

    air in hair

    u  in push

    ough in enough

    ou in country

    arr in carry

    ire in fire

    Phonics Chart 13

    -ful in beautiful

    are in care

    tain in mountain

    ure in pure

    ture in pasture

    war in warm

    tion in nation

    sion in missionary

    sion in television

    eigh in eight

    or in sailor

    ar in dollar

    y in crystal

    err in cherry