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    Safety Matters

    Safety Matters

    At Trinity Christian Academy, we believe the success of our students in citizenship and academics is directly connected to the safety of their environment. Find out more inside about how safe TCA is for your student.

    At Trinity Christian Academy, beginning at the earliest grade levels and extending to our seniors, self-control, discipline and respect are taught in a caring way. The well-being of our students is maintained by our staff, administration, and full-time campus security staff.

    *US Department of Education Survey on Crime and Safety 2010

    Bill's Story

    “Based off of 22 years in law enforcement, I’m confident of the safety and security of my children while they are at Trinity.”

    As a local law enforcement officer, Det. Bill Whittlesey and his wife chose to place their two children in Trinity Christian Academy. They believe that Trinity goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of their students.
    TCA values the safety and security of its students, believing that a secure environment allows students and families to have a positive and exceptional learning experience.

    As a parent, Bill is comfortable knowing that his children are not only receiving the best education, but that they are safe while doing so... and you can be, too! (Pictured: Bill, Heather [10th grade] and William [6th grade])


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