First Day of Classes

    Memorial Poem

    From dedication page in 1981 yearbook

    The days go by so slow now
    We miss your smile and touch
    We can't seem to go on without you
    We cared for you so much.

    You Had a special kind of humor
    You made our days worthwhile
    Whenever we needed someone to turn to
    You were always there with a smile.

    We've never known anyone like you
    You were never ashamed to care
    You had your beliefs and stood by them
    We thought you would always be there.

    We've realized how much we need you
    Each day we miss you more
    We know we'll see you one day though
    And that is worth living for.

    The memories you gave us are precious
    Your love will see us through
    So always remember how we felt
    Because Charlie we really love you!

    - Beth Thompson